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We know what you're thinking — who wants a product that only pays off when you die? Talk about a benefit with a catch! Seriously, this is short-term thinking. Many policies build cash value and earn interest. You can borrow in the present, or save for the future. But most important is the peace of mind that you'll enjoy every day, secure in the knowledge that a devastating personal loss won't cripple the family financially too.

Future focused life insurance

Life insurance protects those you leave behind. But you don't have to die to get the help you need after beating an illness. Ask us about a supplemental health policy.

Columbus Insurance Services Inc. of Columbus, MS is an independent agency. We're not beholden to a single provider, so we can choose among all of them to recommend the policy that serves your goals and needs best.

Multiple providers mean one perfect policy

Some life insurance policies cover you for only a few years. In turn, term plans feature lower premiums. Whole life covers you until death, but the payments are higher. These policies have cash value, so you can borrow against them when needed. More flexible universal policies somewhat blend those features. Here's all you need to know: tell us your goal and your budget, and we'll explain why we think a given policy is best.

You'll learn the differences between term life, whole life, and universal life

Ask us for the reasons why you should insure your kids.

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