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Health Insurance

Don't let long hospital stays ruin your future. Even if you recover, paying for your care can result in decades-long debt, and even drive your family into bankruptcy. Like all of the policies that Columbus Insurance Services Inc. of Columbus, MS offers, a modest monthly payment can save you from suffering a financial catastrophe. The mere threat of serious illness is scary enough. Don't add to your troubles by having to worry about money as well.

Protective health insurance

Big medical costs can quickly deplete all of your family's savings and resources. And then you face lost income.

Let us help you choose whole life or term life insurance.

  • Medicare supplement plans

  • Specialized cancer policies

  • Heart and cardio plans

  • Disability policies

  • Long term care

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Affordable policies for all health contingencies

The only thing more frightening than suffering from an illness like cancer is figuring how to pay for your treatment. Your ability to pay can dramatically affect treatment options. Supplemental policies for specified ailments can provide the needed funds for specialized procedures that can boost your chance of survival. Don't doubt it — policies that pay can not only save your life, but the lives of your spouse and your children.

Supplemental health insurance can literally save your life

Protect yourself from big

life changing hospital bills.

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